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Kizomba Basics! 1a!

Kizomba Immersion with Galina!

Tarraxinha (Kizomba Variations) with Galina!
Kizomba Basics! 1a!
Kizomba fundamentals 4 week course. Thursdays September 8th-September 29th. 7-8pm.
USD $55.00

Kizomba Immersion with Galina!
6 weeks, 12 hours of Kizomba, no experience required! Kimmersion: Thursdays July 28th-September 1st 7-9pm.
USD $170.00

Tarraxinha (Kizomba Variations) with Galina!
Thursdays September 8th-September 29th! 8-9pm. May be taken as a Drop In Class for $15 at the door!
USD $55.00

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